Galvanised Hollow Section

Product Code:  GRHS
A uniform coating of zinc, with a minimum mass of 100g/m2 on BOTH the outside and the inside gives protection for many appplications.

Specifications: AS 1163 - 1991 Grade C650L0/C450L0

AS/NXS 4792 Galvanised coatings on ferrous hollow sections

Size Specification: Long edge dimension LED (mm) x short edge dimension SED (mm)
  x wall thickness (mm) x length (mm)
Supplied Condition: Minimum yield strength: 450 MPa  Minimum tensile strength: 500 MPa


30mm x 30mm x 2.0mm galv h/s

30mm x 30mm x 2.0mm x 1.68mass (kg/m)

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